Thursday, April 4, 2013

Two years later!

Hey again, 

Well, it's been two years from the trip. After traveling to India, China and Nepal last year (not on bike), I have decided to go for another tour. This time in the U.S. Although no where exotic, I am excited to explore my own country. In one month I am heading from the D.C. area through the Appalachian mountains to the great state of Kentucky for one of my friends weddings! My dream now is to cycle across the U.S. one or two weeks at a time. The training has been minimal since I am still in school, but it will happen either way. Also, I am headed to Malawi this summer for a 6 week research project. I am very excited for this opportunity as it will give me a chance to live in a foreign country for more than a few days. While I am sure it would be even more excited to travel in Africa by bike, maybe I'll get another chance down the road. Until next year, safe travels! 


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

One year later...

Hello everyone,

Wow! Can't believe it has already been a year since I first left for my trip. I went for a bike ride today in Baltimore and thought about my adventure across the world. Days like this I would give anything to take a week off and just go as far as my legs take me! For those who are thinking about going out for a tour but still undecided, GO while you have the time...there is an entire world out there for you to explore.

Safe riding, traveling, living everyone,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hello everyone, It has been two weeks since I arrived home. I wanted to share some last thoughts...Here is a list of things I looked forward too and things that I missed that I wrote down right before I arrived home.

Things I look forward too:
A refrigerator – no more shopping 2x a day
My bed – no more looking for a place to sleep/wondering where I will sleep tonight
My girlfriend - Thanks for supporting me Holly!
My family – Thanks guys for everything! 
My friends – Thanks for listening to my rants the past two years
English – No more struggling to find someone who knows English
Routine – A comfort we all take for granted
Dentistry – My career, lets go
Baltimore – Ready to live in a new city
Chesapeake – Crabs! Seafood! Sailing!
Henry and Milo – my cats!
Jamis – my road bike
My trip – Looking back on it
Showering - This one does not need an explanation 

What I will miss:
Couchsurfing – Meeting new people in their homes
New places everyday
Cycling for 4+ hours daily
The mountains, valleys, hills, meadows, streams, rivers, glaciers, ancient volcanic ruins, pine forests
The animals – the praying mantus, kakapos, wekas, red tailed deer, opossum
The cherry trees
Waking up to the sun rise
Falling asleep after the sun set
Being in a new nation every 4 days
Being in a dozen cities/towns everyday
Being in the country side daily
Being under the sun for over 10 hours a day
Frozen caffee lattes
Lydle, Coop, Aldi
Going as far as my legs can take me 

I went for a ride for the first time since the end of my trip yesterday, cycling the commute that was the true beginning of my trip. It is indescribable how fulfilling it is to be home, knowing that I completed this dream of mine. I want to thank you all for following me. I could not have completed this trip without the support of everyone out there. 

I was very shocked and saddened by the incident in Oslo this past week. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Norway. There are many terrible things going on out in the world, but I have also learned there is much good. My safe journey home is proof of how kind, generous, and gracious man can be. Cycling touring is the very best way to travel and experience the world. I will never forget this time in my life and the people who helped me along the way. I know I will complete many more tours in the future and hope to help other cycling tourists and travelers. See you on the road! 

If you want to learn more about cycling touring, let me know! My email is 

Now for the numbers: 

6554 kilometers
4073 miles
74 days of cycling
55 miles/day
47 beds
38 families
33 camp spots
30 ice cream cones
20 train trips
20 countries
11 capitals
10 meat pies
9 currencies
8 ferry rides (1 train ride on a ferry)
7 flights
6 pizzas
5 kakapoos
4 continents
3 oceans
2 legs
1 world
0 regrets

Home sweet home...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Down on the Jershey Shore

I have been back in the US for a week now. Now I am spending a few days with my family down on the beach in New Jersey. After almost 4 months of travel it feels good to lay on the beach and eat lots and lots of food. Little has changed back home, making the transition that much easier. I do miss riding, but am thinking ahead.

I have decided that one day I will sail around the world, hopefully with a bike on board. I have no idea when this will be, but it is in the distant future. I am reading a book called "My Old Man and the Sea," an account of a boy and his father's travel from New London, New England to Easter Island, around Cape Horn, back to the United States. As I begin living domestic life again, the fire inside me for the road, for the ocean, will grow only stronger.

I have many people to thank for my safe journey in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. First, I would like to thank all of my hosts! My couchsurfing hosts, warmshower hosts, hosts that I have met on the road (the Koop family and Hungarian Motorcycle Club), thank you for everything! I seriously could not have completed this trip without your company, support, and help. Traveling alone is draining, cycling alone can be devastating. Every person I met, every host I talked too provided me with the energy to continue, the motivation to make it to Amsterdam. I hope to see all of you in the future, on the road or in my home. Secondly, I would like to thank my family, friends, and my girlfriend. Without the support from the people I love back home, I could not have even started my trip. The hardest part of a tour is the first 10 meters, preparing to leave your home, your friends, your family. Thank you everyone for your support! It was a comfort knowing so many people were thinking about me back thoughts were with you every pedal stroke.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Updates from Scandanavia

Hello everyone

Thanks for following my blog! After completing my cycle trip, I spent the past week traveling by train to Berlin and Stockholm. I will not be blogging about my travels by train, but will have a few posts about my conclusion and reflections. Until then, look out for the photos of the trip!

Bodegraven to Amsterdam

40 miles (4073 miles)

Here we go, last day.

Amsterdam, how sweet it is to be here at last! The elation I felt when I rode past the sign, welcoming me and my bicycle into the city, was indescribable. This is the culmination of 5 physically challenging, mentally exhausting, glorious, everlasting weeks. I will never ever forget this day, those few moments for the rest of my life.

Amsterdam certainly lived up to its reputation. The cycle lanes are spectacular in the city as well as in the countryside. The sheer number of cyclist is equally impressive. Men and women in business attire, children, even people on dates are riding their bikes. This was also my observation last night in the smaller cities, where saw large crowds of kids at night on bikes, spending time together, laughing and gossiping. The bicycle is an accepted replacement for a car. This morning I saw dozens of middle aged women on the cycle ways. This is something rarely seen in the U.S.

Back to today's ride, I began cycling in the park in a northernly direction. Without a map or GPS (the battery died), I simply used the sun for direction....Somehow, I managed to get back on the course of the lf2B; the Brussels to Amsterdam cycle route.

The cycle ways were a brilliant way to end the ride. I followed several canals into and out of towns. I just want to emphasize how surreal this was. The town seemed to follow the along side the canals, not the other way around. Each town is a single street, with a house on each side, and a canal next to each house on the inside and outside of the street. There are also an innumerable number of canals in the farm fields. There are no traditional city centers, like all of the other cities I visited. This was even the case in some larger towns. So I cycled along the canals, alongside the small boats, the tractors, and the Dutch people getting ready for their work day.

Reaching the suburbs, I read a sign that indicates Amsterdam...24 km!  I can "see the light at the end of the tunnel".  So I move on, cycling closer and closer to the city.  Passing larger suburban towns, I anticipate the city, but do not know what to expect. Finally, I see the Amsterdam sign!

I celebrate with a burger, fries, and a chocolate milk shake. After my victory meal, I head to the city center to begin my capital tour:  Amsterdam, Berlin, Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen. I spent the day ride around the city center...seeing famous Cathedrals, the botantical garden, and parks. I ate plenty of ice cream and meandered around different parks and meeting places to find the perfect place to relax.

I met two interesting guys today as well. First, an American kid from Michigan saw my panniers and asked me where I was going. He told me his brother is cycling from China to Portugal and he is meeting him in Uzbekistan. Just the smallest bit jealous, I was mostly happy for his adventure because I know what he has to look forward too. I wished him the best of luck and a safe journey. Another man, a Dutch man, talked with me while riding as well. He told me about his trip from NY to Miami to D.C. by bike. He offered me a few words of advice of where to go in the city which I happily followed.

I later met Mirijn, my cs host. Just graduating from university, he opned his home to me for the night. We talked over a cup of tea, discussing the end of my trip. He also told me about his travels in Brazil, which sounded nothing short of incredible. I soon fell fast asleep on his Brazilian flag ladden couch, the end of this adventure...the beginning of my next!

 Typical holland cycle way

 My final feast!

And my dessert

Holland Border to Bodegraven


95 miles (4033 miles total)
I am not sure if I am in the Netherlands or Neverland. Yes, that sounds very corny, but it is very true. This place is unlike any place I have seen. I cycled for a good 13 hours today along the coastal inlets, dikes, canals, and countryside of Holland. There are many many cycling lanes, the problem is once you do cycle on a major road there is no relief from the cars who honk at you. I will not complain about this fact, just stating the facts.

From the border, I traveled North towards Rotterdam. Instead, I cycled along a number of cycling paths that crawl along the dikes. I passed through another fortress city later in the morning, this one build in the shape of a star. Finding it difficult to get to Rotterdam, I found a routes sign that goes from Brussels to Amsterdam! Just perfect, so I continued along the route, meandering along the countryside, until reaching the city of Dordrecht. I stopped in the old city center to talk to some local people who took a photo of me. It is strange saying outloud that I have one more day.... I continued through the city getting a delicious Holland hamburger and a soft serve ice cream. I temporarily lost the route, but found it as I crossed a bridge over a canal.

The countryside basically consists of a million islands. There are inland oceans, and thousands of canals of every size you can think. Many homes even have moats surrounding them. Continuing North, it was a neverending array of towns. The farmers live in these enormous rural villages. Sheep are kept in pastures in vacant lots in between the towns. People appear to have sheep eat away their grass, possibly replacing their lawn mowers.

I rode and rode looking for somewhere to camp, but it appeared as if every piece of land was taken. I can see now for myself why this country is considered so dense. Besides Vatican City, it is the most dense country in Europe. There are an infinite number of row homes as well, found interestingly in the smaller towns. I continued through darkness, looking for a site, I headed North towards Amsterdam. Eventually, I found a lake side park where I could camp. Home sweet home.

 Pastry break
                                                                Hello dutch donkey
 Made it to the Atlantic Ocean!

                                                                      Just hanging out!!
LF2b, my route to the end